Laurent Degos, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Universté Paris Diderot


Laurent Degos is Professor Emeritus of Universté Paris Diderot, doctor of the Hospital St. Louis. He is also President of the Franco Chinese Foundation for Science and its Applications, Vice President of the Institut Pasteur, member of the High Council for the Future of Health Insurance, a member of the "Scientific Panel for Health" of the European Commission and member of the "High Level Group Reflecting on Health System" OECD

Laurent Degos was president of the College of the High Authority of Health in 2004 - 2010. Previously, he chaired the board of the French Agency for Safety of Health Products (AFSSAPS) and the Board of 'french Establishment transplants.

Laurent Degos was Head of Clinical Department of blood diseases at St. Louis hospital, hematology professor at the University Paris Diderot and was Executive Director of the Graduate School of Biology and Biotechnology

He led the University Institute of Hematology of Hospital Saint-Louis, was Chairman of the Scientific Council of the AP-HP and director of Inserm Unit "Immunogenetics Transplantation"

Its multidisciplinary course - doctor of medicine, doctor of human biology, and graduated from Harvard School of Public Health - led him to exercise responsibility in the care, teaching, research, and administration.

Laurent Degos has published 370 scientific articles in the fields of genetics, immunology, hematology, cancer and public health. He has done research on acute leukemia and especially discovered how to transform a normal cell malignant cell, opening a new route to treatment against cancer. This work was done in collaboration with Wang Zhen Yi of Shanghai.

More recently, public health, Laurent Degos has brought a new approach to the safety of care. He initiated and promoted the reconciliation of the individual and collective interest by the best route of care for each disease. He presented the Global Leader Playing the International Society for Quality of Care (ISQUA) in November 2014 on medical or managerial approach to the evaluation of health quality.

He is also author of numerous scientific works and general public including: "The gift received" (Plon), "organ transplants" (Flammarion), and Le Pommier Eds "Candide's adventures," "Walk the inside the cell, "" it is immoral Clone? "" Can we conquer cancer? "And the last two (eds le Pommier):" Health out of crisis? "2011 and" The praise of error "2013

Member of the Academy of Medicine and corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, Officer of the Legion of Honor, the National Order of Merit Officer, Laurent Degos has received numerous national and international awards (price General Motors in Washington 1994), Loubaresse Curie (Paris, 1996), Brupbacher in Zurich (1997) and Von Gagna Hoeck (Brussels 2003), Eisenberg reading Laureate (Washington 2008), Prix Jean Bernard (Amsterdam 2012).